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10| Dear Doctor

Sonja Johanson


Deny it if you want to —
you’ve made an art of dodging
grants, playing shrink for all
the ladies. There’s no evidence
of your costumes, that possessive
box, the degrees you’ve sought
and stuck on your jacket,
hoping to prove a ruined hero.

Don’t you think this act is getting
old? Aren’t you a little ashamed
to live here still? Change it up. Be
tough. Not to say that you have to
stop drinking, but damn, handsome,
slow down. Make the world a mirror.

Sonja Johanson currently serves as the training coordinator for the Massachusetts Master Gardener Association. She has had recent work appearing in the Albatross, Dandelion Farm, and Shot Glass Poetry, and was a participating poet in the Found Poetry Review’s 2013 Pulitzer Remix Project. Sonja divides her time between work in Massachusetts and her home in the mountains of western Maine.

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