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1| Remixed

Jordan Stein


From all our social media we desire increase,
That thus our everyday might never die,
And as clever quips by time become mere set-piece
Re-perusal can inspire creativity:

Reblogged memes the iPhone amplifies,
Feed’st Facebook’s feed with self-substantial fuel,
Hashtagging every picture where #nofilter lies,
And tweeting all thy foes, with thy sweet tweet too cruel:

Reply we now with but a fresh emoticon
And rejoice when we live-blog any foolish thing,
For to awake, arise, and quickly to log on
Is to be right now, and to be right now is king.

So pity not when you click “like” on my selfie,
Lest you make us spell the word aloud, “O-M-G.”

Jordan Alexander Stein missed all the Shakespeare questions on the GRE. He teaches in the English department at Fordham University and tweets @steinjordan.

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